Tattoo Plushie "Robink Truelove"
Tattoo Plushie "Robink Truelove"

Tattoo Plushie "Robink Truelove"


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Product description

Meet Tattoo Plushie Robink Truelove, the master of mischief with a heart as big as his collection of Old School Tattoos!

From his snout to his tail, he's practically a walking tattoo parlor, but don't worry, beneath that rebellious exterior beats a heart of gold – literally! With a "True Love" and a sacred heart tattoo inked on his chest, this 
sweet charmer is ready to steal your heart faster than you can say "chocolate"!

Robink Truelove may be a rebel, but his cuteness knows no bounds. It's like snuggling up with your very own outlaw plush – who could resist? 

This sly little tatted rascal is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of adventure or has a soft spot for forest plush toy creatures with a mischievous streak!  So, if you're ready to infuse your life with some sneaky fun and woodland charm, grab our fox Tattoo Plushie and prepare for a journey filled with laughter, excitement, and just a dash of mischief along the way!

Size: height 40cm