Personalized Tattoo Plushie "Biker Bunny"


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Product description

Are you a tattoo enthusiast craving something to add to your collection, or do you want to bring a little joy to someone else’s day?
Stay true and check out Tattoo Plushie Biker Bunny, the charming rabbit plushie rebel!

Biker Bunny is inked up from its long ears to toe and is full of fun and character.
The bewildering face tattoos bring out its cuteness and mischievous charm, giving the bunny stuffie a unique personality, ensuring it stands out from the other boring plush toy crowd! This fearless inked carrot muncher is your perfect companion for bike trips as well as laid-back days in bed.

Biker Bunny is adorned with bright and bold Old School Tattoos, including several hand tattoos such as a spider web tattoo, a skull tattoo, and a lucky eight cannon ball tattoo with flames. Its chest tattoo, featuring an eagle and snake, is a mark of adventure and courage, while the rose and dagger tattoo backpiece hints at a rebellious edge. Biker Bunny is a true fighter and wears the boxing gloves tattoo with pride.

This cuddly companion is looking for its forever home, and it measures 38cm in size, so it has the perfect size for snuggling up with. Biker Bunny guarantees fun-filling adventures and cozy moments!

Size: height 38cm